Wildlife Museum

Come into the great outdoors! See and hear elk bugling on a crisp fall morning. Wolves howling in a snowy arctic scene. Finally see the fish that live in the legendary Fluecy Creek. These and other wildlife dioramas are designed to educate and entertain all age groups.
It is our desire that visitors of all ages can learn through our lifelike exhibits a little more of the great outdoors and thereby gain a better understanding of the Great Creator. It is with this hope that we have designed three tours.

Scheduled Group Tours

Tours that are personally led with question and answer sessions during the tour. Hands on activities and wildlife videos.

General Tour

Includes information about the animals such as their natural range and feeding habits

Religious Tour

Explains ways we can see God's wisdom in creation

Admission Prices
Adults and children over 12 – $8.00
Children 12 and under – $5.00
Senior Citizens 65 and over – $7.00
Please call for group rates and/or to schedule a tour